Tembo 4x4 Reinforced Defender original style bumper - TB1005

The NEW Tembo 4x4  Reinforced Defender original style bumper


The new Tembo 4x4 Defender style front bumper is now available! It will give you the opportunity to fit lights and parking sensors to your Defender bumper without changing the original look of your Defender.
When you have an original Defender bumper it is possible to fit lights and parking sensors, but this is time consuming and rarely looks very good. So why don’t go for the original looking Tembo 4x4 Defender bumper?
The new “original look” Tembo 4x4 bumper for all Defender models from 1990 onward!
We designed the bumper to keep the original look of your Defender, but also to give your Defender something unique.
The lights in the bumper are optional. So are the pre drilled parking sensor holes. With the original Defender bumper you do not have an option to fit lights and parking sensors. Lights are easy to add to the Tembo 4x4 Defender bumper, with covers to protect them. When you want the optional lights, we will provide Vision X lighting. These lights are mounted inside the bumper and are covered from the back to protect them against: theft, stones, branches and everything else you might encounter on your journey around the world.
Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands in 5mm thick hardened steel and powder coated Black.
The front bumper replacement is designed to fit your original front rubber end caps and to keep the original Defender look.

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2 weeks
Car Type
Defender, Defender 90, Defender 110, Defender 130
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