Below you will find the frequently asked questions

Where is FD 4x4 Centre located:

We are located in Bergeijk aan de hoek 54a, our building is connected to the building of Jansen verhuur, which is clearly visible from the road. When you drive into the driveway at the right hand side of Jansen verhuur you will reach us.

Who is FD 4x4 Centre:

We are a familybusiness started by the family Daams in 1969. If you want more information please take a look at the about page.

What does FD 4x4 Centre do:

We are the address for preparing your fleet for professional purposes and for offroad accessories for consumers. 

What is the origin of the Tembo 4x4 brand:

Tembo 4x4 is the brand of FD 4x4 Centre in which we we produce all kinds of 4x4 accessories. Tembo means "elephant" in Swahili.

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