Custom cabinetry

Loose items inside your 4x4 vehicle are an accident waiting to happen. FD 4x4 Centre produces and sells drawer systems that allow you to store everything you need on your journey. We sell standard solutions and offer fully customised interiors. 

A good drawer system makes your car more accessible and efficient. By creating space for everything no one has to climb inside a vehicle anymore, to try and find a part or piece from under a pile of boxes.

With strong and long drawers your create a lot of extra space, and you can carry more load. Drawers opening to the side and the rear allow you to efficiently use your vehicles interior.

FD 4x4 Centre designs and builds tailor made drawer systems and 4x4 interiors, giving you maximum flexibility. If you want to be sure your things are stored in the safest way, trust an FD 4x4 Centre drawer system. 

custom cabinetry
custom cabinetry