The Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack was the first product to be produced under the Tembo 4x4 brand several years ago, introducing our own label in off-road products. It is the base for almost each adventure. If you want to bring your camping gear, mount a rooftop tent or an extra spare wheel - you can’t do without one. The Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack is ready to conquer the world!
Toine Daams designed the Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack and the production is done near the village Bergeijk, where our companies’ headquarters is located. Using all our experience in off-road, we made sure the Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack can handle anything you throw at it. Our customers use them all around the world, for instance on expeditions in Africa or on journeys deep into Russia. Gravel roads, heavy loads, intensive use: the Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack is ready for it.
The base is a strong welded frame that holds the beams on which you can mount your accessories. With cast aluminium feet the Roof Rack mounts perfectly on your car and stays there even in the most demanding circumstances. We hand-weld each Roof Rack and put a lot of attention to detail. Our experienced welders know their job and make sure each Roof Rack is a reliable partner for your off-road adventure. Thanks to the strong aluminium construction the Roof Racks are lightweight and tough enough for heaviest loads.
With our Roof Rack, we provide a full range of mounting kits covering most of the familiar off-road equipment. Nothing is easier than mounting your Rooftop Tent, jerry can, spade, High-Lift jack etcetera with one of our kits. There is no need for improvisation nor worries about anything rattling loose on that long gravel track towards your next adventure.
‘We produce the Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack ourselves, so it is easy for us to make custom made Roof Racks,’ says Toine Daams. ‘Last month we made one for a Defender 110 with extra space for roof hatches used for the dog cabin in the back. Another Roof Rack we made for Doctors Without Borders. They have a special Toyota HZJ79 pickup using a short Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack with extra spare tyres and some tools. It’s our aim to find the best solution for everyone!’

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