Going off-road or when you need a winch the original front bumper is usually pretty useless. We created the Tembo 4x4 winch bumper as a great replacement bumper, improving the approach angle and offering the protection you need. We carefully considered each detail, to make the best possible bumper for your vehicle.
The Tembo 4x4 winch bumper has a modular construction, with three main parts: the centrepiece with space for a winch and extra lights and the two corners. Bolted to the original points on the chassis, the bumper is strong enough for the biggest winches. The corners are bolt-on and can be replaced easily. With the local production special wishes can always be accommodated.
Engineering and clever design made this a strong bumper. Due to the box construction it is a tough bumper that won’t let you down when you go off-road. Keeping the weight down we made it as efficient as possible, removing excess material where ever possible. All this effort results in a good winch bumper that won’t kill your front suspension.
Most winches fit easily into Tembo 4x4 winch bumper, thanks to the pre-drilled holes. Positioned as low as possible inside the bumper, the winch pulls directly on the chassis, just as the standard tow hooks. Reducing the strain under full load, the bumper protects your chassis and vehicle during recovery operations. It might go unnoticed, but who would want to think about stuff like this when the going gets tough?
Lights are easy to add to the Tembo 4x4 winch bumper, with built-in protection for them. At FD 4x4 Centre we love the Vision X lights, recommending the Optimus’ model for use in the winch bumper. But honestly, all big manufacturers sell lights that you can mount easily and securely inside the Tembo 4x4 winch bumper. Mounting lights inside the bumper protects them: against theft, stones, branches and everything else you might encounter on your journey across the world.
Attention to detail is in the design, the construction and the final finish of the Tembo 4x4 winch bumper. It shows in the tough powder coating, high quality aluminium and the clever mounting system. It will always fit perfectly. We designed the mounting points so that you can accommodate for small differences in the chassis, considered even the thickness of the powder coat. As a small detail: in the Land Rover model we include a special opening for the chassis number.
The Tembo 4x4 winchbumper is available for the Land Rover Defender and the Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ.‘It is one of the best accessories we make. With this bumper, you can go everywhere!
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