FD 4x4 Centre’s way of looking at vehicles often leads to new products, such as the Tembo 4x4 load tray for the Land Cruiser HZJ79 Pickup. When asked to deliver a pickup with a crane the original bed with the rigid sidewalls just did not cut it. A new superstructure was created: a flat workspace with adaptable width and length to fit specific machinery, with or without side panels.

Designed and produced in-house FD 4x4 Centre create an ideal load tray platform, fitting any Land Cruiser Pickup, both the Single Cab and Double Cab versions. Due to the modular structure the strength surpasses the original bed and offers the toughness and flexibility needed to get the job done. Flexibility is not only a matter of a good design, but also of a structured workflow that allows customisation and changes in the design without compromising the high quality standard.

Currently 20 units of the Tembo 4x4 load tray for the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup Double Cab are in production, and will be delivered to Africa for use in the harshest circumstances. Supplied on short notice and shipped directly to the client the product will be mounted locally. Each item includes all hardware needed, making sure the entire operation is as easy as possible.
Designed as a direct replacement for the original bed the Tembo 4x4 load tray is lighter than the original bed, increasing the load capacity of the vehicle. The roll-bar protects the cabin and practical hooks are available to secure the cargo. Using the original lights the strong rear bumper is a huge improvement over the original item. A high tensile steel plate can be included with the roll-bar to provide additional safety, and the floor of the load tray can be made in steel or wood to suit the application.
A showcase of the adaptability of the Tembo 4x4 load tray is the Remote Control Vehicle, built to transport the remote control unit for one of the markets bigger drills. A spacious cabin was built on top of the superstructure that is also used for the load tray. The cabin offers a pleasant workspace with proper air conditioning, heating and an excellent view of the surrounding area, allowing the operator to stay focused during work. Comfort is in the details, such as adaptive led lights, an extra seat for training and supervision and dedicated storage space for special tools.
If you are looking for a heavy duty and flexible solution for your Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79, the Tembo 4x4 load tray provides the answer. Contact us with your questions and we’ll help you find the best answer.

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