Tools and parts, your expedition equipment or whatever else you carry, going off-road makes everything inside your car go sliding and go airborne which can be very dangerous. Proper storage is vital for your safety. For the mining industry we designed a complete and safe interior for the workshop-vehicle, which is used for quick underground repairs.
Form follows function in this brand new Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ76. The interior was custom made, to the exact specification of the clients’ workforce. Seven large drawers and two large storage shelfs offer space for the tools and equipment used in the Mine. The strong construction and the steel separation panel keeps the crew safe when they venture into the mine to assist their colleagues.
Each drawer can carry 150 kilos, you can even climb and stand inside of them. Electrical tools, a complete assortment of nuts and bolts and the parts needed for emergency repairs: there is place for everything. Rails with strong bearings make sure even a full drawer opens on a finger. With the tough locks closed really is closed, even during a rocky ride in a rough mining area.
The practical interior makes the HZJ76 a perfect ‘road assistance’ vehicle for the Mining Industry, tailor made for one client. The workshop crew will now be able to  respond quickly while maintaining a high safety standard. No one has to climb into the back of a vehicle to trace that tool or part needed for the repair: everything is within reach.
We created this interior to the specifications of our client, but with our system you can do a lot more. Increase the efficiency of your vehicles with a heavy duty solution that can cope with the work you throw at it! At FD 4x4 Centre we design and build vehicles ideal for your purpose. With any base vehicle, for each usage. From building companies to overlanding: as our work is strong enough for the Mining Industry, we’re confident we can help you as well!