Are you looking for a hardtop or custom bed for your pickup? Get one of our bespoke products, tailored to your vehicle and needs. Whether it’s based on the renowned Tembo 4x4 hardtop or a completely custom bed, our products are heavy duty and ready for work.
Volkswagen gave the Amarok pickup great looks, and we designed a strong hardtop for it. The vehicle is already in service on the beach near Burgh-Haamstede in the south-west of the Netherlands. It is an all-round emergency vehicle, built to rescue injured people from the beach and bring them to the tarmac for hand-over.

The hardtop was designed in partnership with ASH carrosserie according to the wishes of the fire brigade. It has enough height to sit inside, sliding windows and large doors at the back. Thanks to the solid aluminium construction the hardtop is suitable for rough off-road use. The sliding windows take care of the ventilation and facilitate communication with the driver. Two strong gas springs hold the doors when they are open, even on a windy beach.
Mounting a hardtop turns your pickup into a practical vehicle for our Western-European climate. If the factory bodywork is not satisfactory, we offer a custom bed with a tailored unit. Using the Tembo 4x4 superstructure developed for the mining industry we created a service unit for the latest Hilux, heavy duty and ready for work.

The Tembo 4x4 superstructure is strong enough to carry machinery such as a small crane, and thanks to the clever design we’ve kept the weight down. This makes it suitable for light vehicles, as you retain the carrying capacity. With big overhead hatches and a large door at the back the unit offers comfortable access to the inside, and cover from the rain. The full unit has been galvanised for weather-protection.
There is no need to worry about a lack of accessories for your new pickup as we can design and produce a bespoke solution for your vehicle. It doesn’t stop at the hardtop. We also make interiors, we can help you with the suspension setup for the extra load or anything else you’d like for your vehicle. Contact us if you want to know more about our products and prices, we look forward to help you.

Hardtop Volkswagen Amarok
Defender 130 hardtop en roof rack
Defender 130 hardtop en roof rack
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Defender 130 hardtop
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Defender 130 hardtop
Defender 130 hardtop roof rack roof tent
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