One of the most beautiful pickups in the world is the Land Rover Defender, designed by engineers from England, the country of rain. It is an incredibly practical car, but the load area leaves your gear open and unprotected. With the Tembo 4x4 Hardtop you can solve this problem in style. It’s is worthy of your Land Rover, suitable for rough work and available for all Land Rover pickups.
The Tembo 4x4 Hardtop was designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender, and is produced in Bergeijk. ‘We’ve been making these Hardtops since three years, in our own workshop,’ says Toine, who designed the Hardtop together with Wim, engineer and CAD specialist at FD 4x4 Centre. ‘Our goal was to improve on the looks of the Defender, the Hardtop really adds that little extra to your car.’
New this year is the introduction of the Hardtop for all Land Rover Defender models, including the double-cab 110 DCPU, the 110 HCPU and the 130 HCPU. ‘As each Hardtop is produced in our own workshop, it is easy to make changes to the design and adapt is to specific needs,’ according to Toine Daams. ‘Windows, doors, hatches, storage for your tools and the entire inside of the Hardtop - almost anything is possible and we’ve made several really nice Hardtops for special purposes.’
‘Most Hardtops are delivered with our large side hatches, which offer easy access to the load inside. With excellent fit and finish and tough locks the Hardtop keeps your stuff safe.’ One popular option are toolboxes fitted behind the hatches, allowing access to the tools you use on a daily basis. ‘But we can also make a design specifically for your needs!’ says Toine.
Special wishes are a challenge for the FD 4x4 Centre team, and the guys love to adapt your Hardtop to your situation. ‘We’ve even made a Hardtop with a built-in espresso machine for a company serving wine and coffee on the most remote locations, there are clients who use the Hardtop for camping and of course we adapt Hardtops for building companies and agriculture.’
‘If you need more light inside the Hardtop we fit the Defender 110 side windows, or the rounded Alpine roof windows. It gives a great touch to the Hardtop and it is very practical as it allows a lot of light into the Hardtop.’ For those who travel with their dogs we have an option with extra ventilation, which keeps the climate inside as comfortable as possible.
Due to the solid construction the Hardtop is the perfect base for the long version of the Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack. ‘We mount the Roof Rack with rubber bushings directly on the Hardtop,’ says Toine. ‘With extra strong supports mounted inside it can easily handle a fully loaded Roof Rack. You are able to go from Bergeijk to the South Cape without worries, your Hardtop can take it!’
The Tembo 4x4 Hardtop is a great addition to your Defender pickup, says Toine, who is proud of the success of his work. ‘This is the type of quality product we love to make. There is a little bit of ourselves in each and every one of these Hardtops, and it is great to see them all over the world!’