View our wide range of 4x4 parts and accessories in our webshop. You will find products like roof racks, winches, lights, bumpers, fridges and rooftop tents of well known brands like Tembo 4x4, Vision X, Oztent, Engel, Safety Devices and Warn.

About us

We are the Land Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser specialist for 4x4 maintenance and service. We produce Tembo 4x4 accessories, roof racks and roof top tents. FD 4x4 Centre is the company able to help you prepare your 4x4 vehicle for off-road, expedition, overland and professional use. .

What do we do?

We are specialized in the mining industry, special conversions and import of 4x4 accessories from South Africa and Australia.
Official sales of the brands Britpart, Bushwakka, Oztent, Safety Devices, IBS and Coupler-Tec.

Tembo 4x4

Because we want to guarantee our customers the highest quality we have our own private label under which we develop and produce our own products.


Arrive, unfold, relax. The new Tembo 4x4 Awning makes it easier than ever before, offering shade in less than 2 minutes. The frame carries its own weight and sun or rain are no match for the strong canvas, allowing you to fully enjoy your adventure!

Together you enjoy nature and spend time outdoors. Your dogs have a special place in your life. Unfortunately your car was not created with a dog in mind. If you don’t like to have a dog cage in your car we offer practical solutions for safe and clean travel with your favourite pet!

We are proud of the Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack and of the adventures on which they accompany our customers. Four years ago we made the first Tembo 4x4 Roof Rack. Over the years we have produced and sold thousands of them, both standard Racks and bespoke versions.

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