We provide service for all kind of purposes. Check below what fits your needs best.


Give your 4x4 a personal touch with an exclusive interior, special colours, engine tuning, sound isolation or a unique audio & video system. If you can wish it, we can make it. 


Expedition / Travel / Overland

Circumventing the globe or on holiday with the kids, your car opens the world and deserves the best possible preparation. FD 4x4 Centre helps you prepare for your adventure, builds the overland vehicle of your dreams and offers practical solutions and sound maintenance for every journey. 


If you like it rough when going off-road or prefer a nice drive on the lanes, we are here to help you. Tembo 4x4 is our own brand, with a full range of accessories for 4x4 and pickups. We can help you adapt your vehicle to your needs, whether it’s pleasure, competition or for work!

Expedition / Travel
Tire Service

Tires and rims

Put a set of great tires on any 4x4 and you’ll be surprised what they do for the vehicle. Tires are one of the most important grip enhancing modifications of your vehicle and we can help you select the right ones for your purpose.